Data Management

1) Over 270, 000 Units Condo/Apartment
2) Over 70, 000 Landed Housings
3) Over 1, 800 Commercial Projects Buildings (Inclusive of Directors & Contact / Mobiles Details.)
4) Scrubbed / Massaged Daily to Collate Ownership, Transaction data, Home Contact Number and Mobile.
5) Pre-TOP and TOP Projects



At Amicus, we are screaming for REVOLUTION! Where others are easily contented with quenching their thrist from their sweat pounding the streets, WE at Amicus are the Rain Makers! We create software/data mining program for bountiful harvest and flood you with specialized data. Just look at our data programing and you will realize we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the real-estate landscape.


Quality Control

Each of the 330K / 70K / 1800 commercial building data are scrubbed daily, massaged & segmented into 9 layers by our team of IT experts and thorough brain storming by our Top Managment. You will not find any other website/portal that match our quantity & dynamic. Data is collated after deduping through 980K residential phone, 1 million mobiles, 830K transacted records, over 1 million household / 330K director / shareholder / 300K professional.